About Me

I’ve been interested in Photography since my very early childhood. As a little boy, I helped my dad and my uncle develop black and white images. It was so interesting and mesmerizing being in the dark room and seeing an image under red light gradually coming alive! I was fascinated. Then, came a huge time lapse in my ability to pursue photography until I picked up the camera again in later years to absorb feeling alive again! I got so into it and became obsessed with light. My images become a reflection of my life’s vision and feelings, as well as its ups and downs. Therefore, you might see strange and odd tastes, but that’s a true reflection of who I am, doing what I like.
Recently, I’ve been working on publishing a book and doing small editorials for local newspapers!
Please enjoy my work and leave me some feedback!

"Life is all about living, and along the way, capturing some of our very best moments in time. As time goes by, those moments become more valuable, for they live in the fourth dimension, a time long passed. This special time can easily be rekindled whenever we need to touch our history."

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